Classroom Behavior Policy
1. NO TALKING when Mr. Wage is talking. Listening does not mean waiting for your turn to talk, it means respect!

2. When the BELL RINGS, be in your ASSIGNED SEAT.

3. Bring your MATERIALS to class.



Other Important Rules
6. Students will not sleep in class.

7. Students will not work on other schoolwork in this class.

8. Students will remain in their seats until Mr. Wage dismisses the class. The bell does not dismiss the class.

9. Students may use the bathroom BEFORE or AFTER class, not during it.

Mr. Wage may allow the student to use the bathroom up to a maximum of FOUR times per semester if there is an emergency.

10. Students will not groom themselves or apply makeup in class.

11. If a student is tardy, then they need to wait outside quietly until Mr. Wage is finished taking attendance. Mr. Wage will then admit that student to class.

12. Being on time in class is part of a student’s grade. For each unexcused tardy,the student’s semester grade will drop 1%. 10 unexcused tardies equals the dropping of one letter grade.

13. Students may lightly tap the door ONCE if they are outside to get Mr. Wage’s attention. Students will not BANG on the door or continually tap it. This is distracting to the rest of the class.

14. Students will raise their hand if they need help or have a question. Students will not just blurt out “Mr. Wage!”

15. Students will address each other with respect and dignity. Likewise they will address Mr. Wage as “Mister Wage.” (Not “Salary,” or “Wedge,” or anything else. Addressing a teacher like that is disrespectful.)

16. Students will NOT use Mr. Wage’s chair. They have their own.

17. Students will not touch the air conditioners unless given instructions by Mr. Wage.

18. Students will NOT TALK during periods of silence. It is distracting to others when they are working.

19. Students will behave professionally and respectfully. Students will not use racial, ethnic, or derogatory slurs in Mr. Wage’s classroom.

20. Students may talk to those sitting next to them only when permitted. Students may not yell and talk to those across the classroom. This is distracting for the entire class.

If any of these procedures are violated:

1. Student will first receive a warning.- STRIKE ONE!
If behavior persists, the student’s parent/legal guardian will receive a phone call.
3. If behavior still persists, Mr. Wage will write the student up and he or she will receive a detention.
4. If behavior still persists, Mr. Wage will write the student up and immediately send them out of the classroom to the discipline office.
5. If behavior continues, a parent-teacher conference will be scheduled.